I took apart Apple's new M1 Mac Mini

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The latest Mac Mini is using Apple's M1 processor, but instead of turning it on, I decided to take it apart. I hope I didn't break it.
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Hokibukisa 25 minuta më parë
Wash your hands before greasing up machined aluminum
saultube44 2 orë më parë
Well if you wonder what AMD and Intel are going to do, it's because you don't know that at least AMD has made part of their chips RISC-Like on the Athlon, because x86/x64 in the current implementation of Intel sucks; RISC is the future, we could have 1024-bit data in RISC instructions for massive SIMD processing. Many things are simplified and others completely eliminated in RISC Architecture, as opposed to the current CISC of AMD and Intel, so a lot of circuitry is eliminate, if it hasn't already, we could have more CPU Registers and Cache and new level of optimization and design can be done, without the inefficiency of CISC. I hope ARM shows us the way to such CPU Desktop design, pretty sure AMD and Intel are thinking about it, I have tweet @AMD about it to let them know we know and want the most efficient execution possible, maybe their CPUs are already RISC internally
Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart 2 orë më parë
Please test and Hackintosh the new Chuwi "Corebook X".
next up i opened up my kids
Cristian Iacobanu
Cristian Iacobanu 2 orë më parë
You're funny. M.2 expansion on MacAndCheese, like they're users actually know what that is. Why do you think their tech support are called Geniuses...
VRShenanigans 4 orë më parë
There's not alot in here *Proceeds to stab everything in there
Isaac Howard
Isaac Howard 7 orë më parë
So could you use Snapchat on this and the Instagram app 😂
Ricardo Penders
Ricardo Penders 9 orë më parë
I just wanted to say that I hate Apple and I will never ever buy anything from them and if I get anything for free I won't even turn it on but I will demolish it in the most spectacular way I can think of just to make a point that I hate Apple products.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 10 orë më parë
"I FIX IT" in my best Jays Two Cents voice.
Ryan Zmuda
Ryan Zmuda 10 orë më parë
is there anyway to have an external ram board over usbc/tb3? Or make a SSD use virtual memory.
Ryan Zmuda
Ryan Zmuda 10 orë më parë
if its. usb c/tb2 why would in not support an external gpu or any tb3/usbc device?
Ryan Zmuda
Ryan Zmuda 10 orë më parë
do they have usb c/tb3 to 10 GB network?
Ster 11 orë më parë
Fuck, he has another channel I need to ban. I wish youtube had an easier way of indicating "I don't want to hear bullshit from self absorbed douche bags that just do hit pieces for clicks"
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 10 orë më parë
Loose the music?
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee 12 orë më parë
poor antenna cable :( looks like the bracket could just be unscrewed and the antenna pulled off from the motherboard side
AllRandomThings 12 orë më parë
that little crap is almost the same as r9 3950x?
pikadroo 13 orë më parë
i thought everything was so hard for you and you were going to quit the internet?
Bivens PC
Bivens PC 13 orë më parë
...It looks like a single induction cooking eye. --------- Is this a computer for ants!!!!!!
James Bond
James Bond 13 orë më parë
overpriced facebook machines
Michael Zavala
Michael Zavala 14 orë më parë
While impressive, you know Steve would’ve had that machine packed. There’s a lot of wasted space
Roland Pedeferri
Roland Pedeferri 14 orë më parë
I was hoping the review was out by now :(
Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo 14 orë më parë
What WILL your jam be?
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 15 orë më parë
I absolutely hate being stuck with 1 gig networking.
Deathbrewer 15 orë më parë
5:28 Also, quick note, those "warranty void if removed" stickers have been ruled many times in court to not actually be legally enforceable. They aren't even supposed to put them on there anymore, but they do it anyway to try to scare customers out of their own rights, or make it as much as a hassle for them as possible denying their potential claims until they just give up and roll over (not many people have the time/money to go fight Apple in court, even if they're in the right.) So yea, don't fall for that BS. Fight against it, because legal precedent has already been set that those types of stickers are technically NOT enforceable in court. I wish they'd outright ban them doing it, but big companies keep doing it anyway. This applies to everyone, not just Apple (Microsoft and Sony still put the same BS stickers inside their consoles even though the same principle applies.) www.digitaltrends.com/computing/ftc-warranty-stickers-illegal/
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson 15 orë më parë
$700........wow apple can sell these idots anything
Deathbrewer 15 orë më parë
Apple loves to make things as difficult to repair as possible. They've just gotten worse and worse (more aggressive) about it over the years as well. And yes, I do watch Louis Rossman, but I've agreed with his stance long before I ever heard of him since it's just the reality of the situation (before anyone thinks/saying I'm "blindly" following him without thinking for myself.) Still, my first computer ever was a Macintosh back in the early 90s, so I do still have nostalgic memories of using their products, regardless of their BS over the years. So I'm not a "blind hater" either, nor do I think Microsoft/Windows is perfect either (plenty of problems with them too, but at least you can repair/self-repair their stuff a bit easier.)
Great Scott!
Great Scott! 15 orë më parë
These 1st gen M1 machines are a rush job. Apple promised they'd be ready by the end of the year, so near as I can see, all they did was swap out the main boards. Same cases, batteries, displays (in the case of the notebooks), etc. Also the integration means just about everything is on the new chip, so only the default Ethernet speed. Even the flash controller is on the chip, so flash chips are soldered to the board. I was ready to drop the hammer on a new MacBook (Air or 13-inch Pro) when I saw the new machines. Disappointed I couldn't get more than 16 gig of RAM, but loved the pricing. Seeing the demo of OS-11 I decided to go for it anyway and on the 18th I ordered the M1 Air with max RAM and SSD. Also ordered a fancy dock and a BluRay R/W drive from OWC the same day. OWC's order arrived today (23rd) but I'll be waiting until mid December for my M1 MB Air. Wouldn't you know it, but late last week OWC sent me an e-mail that said their dock (which was still in transit at the time) was now $60 cheaper. But more interesting, they had a stash of early 2018 Mac minis at almost give-away prices. I could get a 6-core 3-GHz Intel i5 mini with 64 gig of RAM and an almost nothing SSD (250 gig) for $1,230. Wow was I tempted, but it seemed like a lot for the extra RAM, and what would I do with it except run RAM-heavy math problems and benchmarks? (since I'd have the new Air for everything else). As justification I thought I could install VirtualBox with a bunch of instances of FreeBSD to prototype website development (front-end, app-layer, & back-end), and then run my RAM-heavy math problems on the weekends. I'm about 90% certain I'm not going to get that mini. For my limited-use case FreeBSD is perfect, and I can cobble up a white-box solution with 128 gig of RAM and a decent 12-core Ryzen for the same price. Hmmm, I wanted 32 gig, 64 gig is better, oh yay I can get 128 gig for the same price! I forgot to order blank BluRay disks. I wonder if OWC would give me credit for overpaying on the dock?
Johannes Sebastian Nielsen
Johannes Sebastian Nielsen 15 orë më parë
Loose the music?
Ashes Of Creation
Ashes Of Creation 17 orë më parë
Dude looks real tired lol
Bamwich 18 orë më parë
Every time he jabs the pcb with the screw driver, I cringe.
hynekd 18 orë më parë
Yet another odd video. Assume you are attempting a tech comedy routine which would require humor. If this was a review it was a failure. Very disappointing.
Ivan Fedulov
Ivan Fedulov 18 orë më parë
whats the problem to disconnect the wifi cable? no single word about almost empty 10 years old body design.
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 20 orë më parë
Uh, meh? One too many yuck-yuck’s in this teardown/bitch session. Integrated 10Gb on an ENTRY-LEVEL desktop? Come on, the assumption there would be is laughable. 99% of buyers don’t even know what 10Gb is, let alone asking for it. You’re better than this, Linus.
fart fart
fart fart 20 orë më parë
Danel Long
Danel Long 21 orë më parë
Ryan Mayberry
Ryan Mayberry 21 orë më parë
I feel like no matter how this project works out, it's a really interesting step in tech history
cyclical50 22 orë më parë
Did I hear you utter the word "good" during this "review'? 😳 Look at the freaking engineering that went to building this board! Suggestion: subscribe to "not an apple fan" channel... he would appreciate it.
MrRecorder1 22 orë më parë
I hope that this will as a fallout pave the way for RISC-V. Apple can flush its closed devices down the drain when it comes to me, but I would like to see software stacks opening up to other, open architectures. Phones were the first step, RISC-V might be the endgame for Intel & AMD? Who knows.
Ádám Kullai
Ádám Kullai Ditë më parë
Well, windows devices have much longer (almost unlimited) support
Peite Ditë më parë
Worst thing this has only 2 USB slots. I used to have a Mac Mini with 4 USB ports + a USB port with 4 slots! But I guess the Thunderbolt hub delivers well enough. But the price is waaaay more than I paid for my Mac Mini i7 Quad Core Late 2012.
MikeTheGameDev Ditë më parë
Bruh my home also have this
Tom Carre
Tom Carre Ditë më parë
Why doesn’t Linus get someone to review these devices who doesn’t have an irrational bias against apple?
Tom Carre
Tom Carre Ditë më parë
Linus looks like he’s having a stroke in the thumbnail
1oner Ditë më parë
I hate how humans like to argue just for the sake of having something to do. Reminds me of the the Space Engineers loading screen.. When not presented with problems to fix, engineers will create their own, or something to that effect. If I were an extra terrestrial, I could see myself being bigoted. Planet of the Apes.
Soul Equaliser
Soul Equaliser Ditë më parë
the computer isn't large enough for the price imo.
dorbie Ditë më parë
Stop haphazardly stabbing the PCB with the spudger as you gesticulate!
Tim Fernandez
Tim Fernandez Ditë më parë
What's the specific purpose of using OS X as the ingest stations in your workflow? Curious.
Botsis Anargyros
Botsis Anargyros Ditë më parë
so much space.. they could add a 2,5 inch HDD and let us upgrade that to 5 TB.
Adham Abousalem
Adham Abousalem Ditë më parë
i hope you make a blender benchmark in your M1 review, because the other youtubers didn't, we really want to know how good the new mac mini emulate blender task
HLEET Ditë më parë
cable management ... for 4 cables ! XD
NotAPenguin Ditë më parë
I feel like that grill needs to be on a connector for the people that WILL damage this somehow and bring it to a repair shop that will have to deal with that stupid grill being basically attached to the board. Unless it's really just a sticker and Linus is being dumb.
Srijan Varma
Srijan Varma Ditë më parë
Speaking abt Apple abandoned don’t forget about air power
annag cocl
annag cocl Ditë më parë
Apple’s ifixit kit was just there to test their new anti-right to repair designs of course ;)
Matthew Palmer
Matthew Palmer Ditë më parë
techZoNe Ditë më parë
If someone to this to my pc ..I will puch him on the face 😂😂😂
ricky v
ricky v Ditë më parë
The best part of this video was seeing Linus take this computer apart. I am hopeful that these first gen M1 Macs will perform well but I doubt they'll get support for a lot of years. I wonder what others think?
annag cocl
annag cocl Ditë më parë
Is the hard drive (SSD) replaceable with larger, or is that a soldered on thing too?
Soe San
Soe San Ditë më parë
Time to buy iFixit share.
The Kriptoker
The Kriptoker Ditë më parë
Apple and User Upgradeability do not belong in the same sentence. They do not want you to upgrade shit. They want you to buy a new one any time you want to upgrade.
Артём Дьяконов
Артём Дьяконов Ditë më parë
useless case.
Krishnakumar Ditë më parë
I think their next gen product won't be a performance boost but an IO boost. This new M1 chip is surely competing with i9 and destroying them. So, the only thing holding them back is the IO capabilities...
David Ward
David Ward Ditë më parë
The clean shaven look suits you much better than a scruffy beard.
MrMoneyHelper Ditë më parë
These are the new Apple computers THAT BYPASS VPNS AND SPY ON YOU! They actually report all of your usage to Apple.
PCMR and Gaming
PCMR and Gaming Ditë më parë
People still buy Macs? Yikes😬.
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR Ditë më parë
"Environmentally friendly packaging," from the company that has declared war against repairability of their products so you can toss them as e-waste as soon as possible and which recyclable practices are... not as advertised. Not to say that Apple is better than other companies, all of them are just as bad. But hay, now a good conscious is included with the product you buy. Sorry for being so cynical, is just that I find this sudden 'caring' for the environment that companies have adopted and consumers playing along very funny stuff.
Ace Ditë më parë
LTT's review should solely consist of x86 apps running emulated on Apple Silicon wherever possible. Most apps aren't optimized, won't be optimized for months, if ever. Run an typical user suite but force everything on Rosetta and throw in battery draining and resource hogs like Chrome, and the myriad of ElectronJS apps.
Bruce Grubb
Bruce Grubb Ditë më parë
The M1 is a SoC which changes the whole way one look as a memory. Using the Android (Also an ARM Chip) as a basically this performance on par with something with the *twice* the RAM. THis mean our old ways of looking at RAM are out on their ear.
THE I GAMING Ditë më parë
Me: Is that LINUS?!? *Checks channel description* Me: Oooh, this is another LMG channel. (Yeah, I actually didn't know that before)
Matt Weber
Matt Weber Ditë më parë
"Up to" 100,000 times better.. because that up to allows even just .1% increase to qualify as allowable claim to be made..
k2ws Ditë më parë
The M1 chip is amazing! But I don’t see any evidence that BootCamp or Parallels can be used it. There are a lot of BootCamp and Parallel users out there. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Jeremy Georgia
Jeremy Georgia Ditë më parë
No memory upgradability? That's SODIMM disappointing. I hate paying up front - whatever apple demands - for memory capacity.
Michael Inman
Michael Inman Ditë më parë
Is the hard drive (SSD) replaceable with larger, or is that a soldered on thing too?
Denali • 9 years ago
Denali • 9 years ago Ditë më parë
What the heck is going on with this dudes hairline
josiahelias22 Ditë më parë
I love the way he’s haphazardly using the screwdriver to poke at the components and motherboard. I can hear the micro resistors flying off the board!!
Chad Garber
Chad Garber Ditë më parë
Where is the hard drive?
Mark Ditë më parë
i'm shocked apple had put a headphone jack in such a small footprint!
Cristóvão Nunes
Cristóvão Nunes Ditë më parë
Is Linus fake? Was he afraid of disassemble the Mac mini? Why? I wanted to see it better!!
Tom Boss
Tom Boss Ditë më parë
This MacMini is SILVER. The spacegray MacMini Pros are coming later.
Bernie McCann
Bernie McCann Ditë më parë
The most ten-thumb clumsy nerd ever recorded on video !!
leo ll
leo ll Ditë më parë
Here is what a relationship with Apple looks like. alnets.info/work/gMCqmdzJz6J03Xo/video.html
John Treciokas
John Treciokas Ditë më parë
This is a cheap product for apple with incredible performance. I am a home user standard ethernet fine, prefer it to be £100 less!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Ditë më parë
7:41 ahh yes the AMD Radeon CPU
hooptiej Ditë më parë
"macbooks havent had upgradeable memory in years".. which is why Late 2012 MBPs are still the most popular , and people are bending over backwards to get the gpus repaired when they fail. ram slots, sata ports. and even a gen 3 i7 quad is still wholly usable with 16gb and a reasonably fast SSD.
krisbox Ditë më parë
My Xbox Series X have unified memory , a f**ng faster gpu with ML cores in the amd soc, a bigger and extensible very fast SSD, can technically run photoshop and more heavy apps... an cost less than this mac mini !!! And, it’s actually a kind of PC ! What is only missing is an official windows 10 desktop! :p
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Ditë më parë
Also proof AMD didnt have the first direct memory storage nonsense. Nvidia has been posting Dev Blogs for it FOR YEARS.... and AMD just now in 2020 announced it like they
MrZindozs Ditë më parë
10W TDP, A massive aluminum case, and they use a fan to cool it!?!?! They suck!
Glenn Wilson
Glenn Wilson Ditë më parë
The new macs are insane. So happy with mine.
Alice Eliot
Alice Eliot Ditë më parë
Since when is paper packaging environmentally friendly? "It rots away and can be regrown, duh." Yeah, takes 50 years. Aren't the forests getting smaller every day? Where do you think the wood goes? But at least we got rid of nuclear power, right? Fucking imbeciles
Mr. Satyre
Mr. Satyre Ditë më parë
Antidote Harry
Antidote Harry Ditë më parë
Not even nvidia make 6x vs last gen New apple i mini : plug and play, throw it away
michal wowczuk
michal wowczuk Ditë më parë
in fact it's a big phone with a cool case...
High-Tech Redneck
High-Tech Redneck Ditë më parë
Sigh. Another new product taking up silicon wafer supply. Hopefully that hotplate company dosnt claim copy right infringement on the design
3to Ditë më parë
Can’t wait to get my hands on one!
failure Ditë më parë
Is it even possible to make PCI express work with ARM
talos86 Ditë më parë
Gigabit ethernet port... in 2020... when 2Gbit/s conncection is available in my country. i.postimg.cc/76cYWz7t/K-pkiv-g-s.jpg
Charles Bales
Charles Bales Ditë më parë
Apple does not make their own silicon. TSMC makes their silicon. Apple may design it but they don't make it.
Dylaila 10 orë më parë
Like AMD, Qualcomm and Nvidia. They send design files to TSMC and TSMC prints it. Nothing more.
goodwolf R T
goodwolf R T Ditë më parë
Linus keeps hammering about “it remains to be seen what the performance will be” even though we already found the performance is great ages ago. Linus just wants to keep his head in his ass because he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong on the performance. “Yeah but companies shouldn’t give me stats I can’t prove wrong because I wanna be an asshat”- Linus
securitycountercheck Ditë më parë
Hey Linus, how many channels are you on ? :) Oh wait...
goodwolf R T
goodwolf R T Ditë më parë
Linus is too stupid to realize the whole world doesn’t revolve around him. Even if 99.9% of mac mini users doesn’t use a port or a feature that Linus uses, it’s a disgrace that Apple leaves it out because Linus is what matters, nothing else.
classicForTwins Ditë më parë
Ok Linus, Apple made a choice on putting the sodimm direct into the SOC. So we can't update it because it's impossible we know it. What's you point ? Photoshop and all other intel App will come to the M1 in the next 6 months. And Rosetta test are very positive. I like that you have a critical mind but, you're being a little too **** here
Digital Crow
Digital Crow Ditë më parë
Apple: Our new macs are gonna be banana pi pcs !
ThaReal CLo
ThaReal CLo Ditë më parë
Also proof AMD didnt have the first direct memory storage nonsense. Nvidia has been posting Dev Blogs for it FOR YEARS.... and AMD just now in 2020 announced it like they discovered it miraculously... THey read NVIDIAS dev blogs people. Thats all. docs.nvidia.com/cuda/gpudirect-rdma/index.html developer.nvidia.com/blog/gpudirect-storage/
ThaReal CLo
ThaReal CLo Ditë më parë
LOL another hunk of unrepairable junk from Apple with a new ARM CPU not apple at all. ITs actually and technically an NVIDIA CPU
Dylaila 10 orë më parë
Nvidia CPU? Did you smoke too much?
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